Every earthly king is associated with a palace where he resides and discharges his duties as the paramount ruler of his kingdom.
Just as the way of life of a people varies from culture to culture, so does the way of greetings and homage to a king varies from one tradition to another. But in all cases, every subject of a kingdom pays homage to its king as their tradition demands. e.g. the Yorubas prostrate before their king; the Urhobos bow/genuflects with some form of gesticulations before their king e.t.c. Nobody (no matter your personality) enters the king’s presence in his palace without paying due homage and honour.
But there is a king whose subjects enters his presence in his palace at will without any form of recognition not to mention due homage and honour.
That king is JESUS CHRIST and His palace is the Church while the subjects is you(Christians). Christians acclaim Jesus Christ as their king(so He is) and believes His special presence in His temples(palace), the Churches. Yet most believers enters and leave the Church at will without any form of reverence and honour to their king and master who is perpetually present in the Church(palace)
The next time you enter any of Christ’s palace(Church), recognize His presence and pay Him due homage as the three wise men and the shepherds did as recorded in the scriptures.