“A person without a sustainable
Livelihood is like a fish
out of water”.

The word livelihood is unique in its own. The Darling Kindersley Oxford Dictionary defines livelihood as “a means of living i.e. sustenance”. Thus livelihood is understood broadly as people and their capabilities, activities, assets, both social and material and gains from what they do. Now we can understand fully the extract above which clearly states that “a person without a livelihood is like a fish out of water”.

Literature has been an area which many people today look down on, simply because they do not know the value. Literature is life itself, everything about us and around us is literature. It is the expression of one’s impression, the ability to entertain, educate and enlighten the public at large. It is the only means through which one can express his or her feelings without having to consult anyone or any formula. Now the question is; how can I make a livelihood out of this field of art called literature?

Literature is divided into three (3) genres; Prose, Drama and Poetry. I need not mention that the T.V. drama you watch always is literature, the music you listen to always is a refined form of literature. Virtually 80percent of our entertainment world today is saddled with literature. If you have a good sponsor, a good mentor and a good drive, you can publish a literary work be it plays, novels, or an anthology. Literary scholars all over the world, who are dedicated to the literary field of art, are making it both locally and internationally. For example; Wole Soyinka, Ebi Yebo, Sam Nkala, Alex Roy, J.P. Clark, Mr. Incredible(M.I.) etc. These literary scholars in their own genres of literature are in their own way not only celebrities but also money bags.

You might not get the desired result at first, but trust me anything that is good might only take time but would definitely show its face to the world one day. Another question is; “how do I start showcasing casing my talent to the world?”
Let’s take poetry for instance, you can send your poems regularly for poetry competitions online monthly and win as thousands of naira. You can get yourself involved in social drama clubs, trust me you never know who is watching you. I know how much I made in school from acting, especially comedy videos and drama.

Not to drag this further I would like to let you low that everything in life is passion and willingness. Once you have that you are good to go. I am not a fan of writing, to be honest but I have links to poetry competitions online held every month across Nigeria. Are you a good poet? What are you waiting for? Send those poems to me for submitting and you just might be lucky.