Christians have been likened to salt by Jesus in Matthew 5:13-16. This make us know how importance we are as Christians, considering the importance of salt to human life. Without salt present in food and human body, the food loses it taste and value while the body cannot function well because salt help to regulate the water content in the body. Just as food depend on salt to give it taste as well as the human body need salt to regulate the water in the body so as to keep it healthy, so the world need us as Christians to give taste and preservation to it.

Looking at the world today, the world is full of tastelessness and decay. People are frustrated by one problems or the other, that they no longer see the taste and flavor in this world, thereby, leading them to internal decay. Shall we keep our eyes close, doing nothing about these people around us. Or shall we also help to contribute to their decay? The question is left for us to answer.

If we must please God and do His will, our answer as Christians should be no. The salt is white and distinct in colour. We must distinct ourselves and put smile on the faces of people around us. For we may not know whom we might be saving from the tastelessness of the world, if we become salt and give meaning, succuor, hope, freshness to the people around us.

We must exhibit the qualities of salt as Christians that we are:
WHITNESS: We must be pure in our attitudes towards others so as to attract them from the tastelessness of the world.
TASTE: As Christians, we must be willing and ready at all times to add taste and meaning to the lives of people around us.
PRESERVATION: Christians as salt of the world must by words and action preserve lives from this world’s decay of pain, confusion, fear, anxiety, frustration and hopelessness.

Just as food and human body need salt for flavour and survival, so the world need Christians where ever they are for preservation and survival.