*WHO* *ARE* *YOU* ?
This is a question everybody has been asked at one time or the other, from one person to another. What’s your pedigree they say?

Fame is not fulfilled, that differentiate the people that drink tea from people that soak garri.

You can’t sit there, they say.
It’s reserved, it’s well deserved and name has been carved.
It’s for celebrity and not for nonentity who’s got not ability of financial stability
Who can’t even afford utility
So bounce you liability.

Who are you they say?
When it’s time for admission they say
Who are you?
I say so that question is unnecessary
I passed the examination
I deserve this institution. They say no!
Who are you?
Do you know the chancellor?
Are you friends with the Governor?
Do you dine with the senator?
Is your father the administrator?
Are you related to the councilor?
Tell me, do you even own a monitor?
Do you have enough money?
Who are you?

Do I have to be a jagaban to listen to band?
Do I have to wear Versace to eat sushi?
Do I have to be gathered by cops to visit transcorp?
Do I have to wear gold trinket to take pictures on a red carpet?
Do I have to use an iPhone to sit in a front row?

Why can’t you just see me from me?
Why does my worth have to be determined by the amount of money in my account
Or the cartels in my fount
Or the words in my mouth
Or the selfie on Facebook which most are not even real?
The followers on Twitter doesn’t make me any better.

They say exercise your franchise
Go cast your vote
So I comply to determined who sail us the boat
And on getting there I found out they’ve already decided
Without me?

When I take they say who’s taken?
When I write they say, who’s writing?
Even when I laugh, they say why him ‘dey’ laugh ‘sef’?
They don’t even wanna hear what I have to say
All they just want know hustle ‘don’ pay?

Whether you take tea I take pap, at the end of the day ‘na’the same hot water oo
Even Surebet is not so sure after all

One commits crime and his name rings the bell, they say bail him
Another commits a crime and he’s not on a hall of fame, they say jail him
Cell, hell, criminal
You are a cursed son of a headies
That man must pay for this.
Are the criminals the ones without money?
Not knowing that we’ve got higher criminals in higher places.

When I speak out they turn, they ask me
Who the hell do you think you are?
Well, I tell you the heaven I think I am
I am a voice of one crying our nation Hosanna
I am the beginning of a new era
The end of injustice and the beginning of power
I am skyscrape of peace
I am a trade blaze of unity
I’m young, I’m vibrant, I’m strong, I’m intelligent
I’m a million microchips and I’m a definite for keeps
I’ve got the energy you lack and the courage back to back
I’m a story to be told and the one to behold
I’m more than conqueror greater than a governor
I’m from a deity of definity
From a tribe of lions no chain can bind us
I’m a time bomb waiting to explode
I’m history waiting to happen
I’m like the current of an ocean, you can’t stop my flow
One day surely we go blow
I’m the correction of your past mistakes
I’m the activation of your future estate
I’m a product of grace
I’ve got length of days
I’m the hope for this generation
I’m the celebrity you see on television
I’m a Christian
I’m a believer
And I’m a bold endearing Nigerian Youth
*Gbamwuan Elijah Terfa*
Weekly Article