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Becoming a Champion Spiritually and Academically

IHS Honour Code

I will not lie, cheat or steal
I will respect my own
Physical and Spiritual Integrity
That of every person in the school
And that of the school itself
So help me God.

Our Motto

The motto of the school is “Becoming a Champion Spiritually and Academically. The school was founded to nurture a new breed of Nigerians with discipline, positive character traits, spiritual sensitivity and adaptive skills that last a lifetime, while imbibing them with a genuine desire for selfless service to humanity

Guiding Principle

The building of children`s self esteem, Opportunities to develop personal interests, Creative and Critical thinking Writing in all areas of Spiritual Sensitivity. Development of knowledge in the content area within and beyond the IHS`s curriculum framework.

Mission Statement

Our mission is not only real Qualitative education at its best, but also Preaching the gospel everywhere we go, Healing the broken hearted, proclaim liberty To captives and to settling at liberty all those Who are opposed by the evil ones Our weapon is the Holy Spirit through our Experience. Lk. 4:18.

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IHS School Aims & Objectives

Our aims and objectives are derived from our motto “Becoming a Champion spiritually and academically”

  • To enable youths to develop their individual talents to the full as well as to become well-rounded persons
  • To implement in a faithful and dedicated way the Nigerian National Policy on Education (NPE).
  • To train youth to become leaders on the national and international level, by attending to moral integrity, a commitment to justice and becoming men and women for others, growth in responsible use of freedom and applying ethical approaches to institutions.
  • To provide an opportunity for qualified young people of all classes and backgrounds to develop into a united community.
  • To integrate development of both individual students and of the world at large.
  • To promote growth in spiritual life.
  • We aim at commitment to a life of service.
  • We insist on the pursuit of excellence.
  • We insist on ongoing valuable and adaptation.


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JSS3 On Suits


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