This school is known for its academic excellence. The ancronym IHS is derived from the word Jesus Hominum Salvator which means "JESUS THE SAVIOUR OF MEN". IHS High School was established with the sole aim of providing quantitative and qualitative education for our children. The school was founded to nurture a new breed of Nigerians with discipline, positive character traits, spiritual sensitivity and adaptive skills that last a life time, while imbibing a genuine desire for selfless service to humanity.

In IHS High School we believe that the purpose of education is to enable all young people become successful learners, responsible citizens and elective contributor to society. Our goal is not only to provide quality education but also good character and moral formation, academic excellence and spiritual sensitivity that will prepare our young boys and girls to be great leaders of tomorrow. In addition, we are not only interested in the educational/physical well being of our students but also in their spiritual growth. We also provide counseling session and prayers for all students. While in school, students shall pray as directed by the school and attend the Catholic Church.

At IHS High School, students will at regular interval undergo deliverance session which will be directed by the schools Spiritual Director, this is because we believe in catching them young for the Christ. The devil is prowling round like a roaring lion looking for people to destroy (1 Peter 5:8), the devil`s target are young children, he tries to destroy, kill and steal their destinies when we catch them young for the Lord we would save not only their destiny but also the future generation.

IHS School aims at giving the student an all-round education by focusing on their intellectual, moral, cultural, spiritual and social development. We help our students to achieve an excellent academic performance, good character and strong moral Christian principles through a methodology based on instilling the principles with the family. The tutorial system is the main channel to harmonize the education at home and in school.

The formation the school gives to the students will not be effective if it is not backed up at home. Parent should please give active support to the school by helping their children become good citizens of our country and role models both within and outside the school.