Welcome to IHS School

Every man has the potential for greatness. Young and old alike. Male and female. That is why at IHS our goal is to create a conducive atmosphere for learning and sharing, where unconditional love can be expressed irrespective of all diversities. In IHS High School, we aim at ensuring that each student has the potential and albilty to live successful and becoming a champion in the world.

  • 2019 Pre-Graduation Ceremony

  • JSS3 2019 Sets with Form Teacher

  • JSS3 on Suites with Form Teacher

  • Extracurricular Activities


Our aims and objectives are derived from our motto “Becoming a Champion spiritually and academically”

  • To enable youths to develop their individual talents to the full as well as to become well-rounded persons.
  • To implement in a faithful and dedicated way the Nigerian National Policy on Education (NPE).
  • To train youth to become leaders on the national and international level, by attending to moral integrity, a commitment to justice and becoming men and women for others, growth in responsible use of freedom and applying ethical approaches to institutions.
  • To provide an opportunity for qualified young people of all classes and backgrounds to develop into a united community.
  • To integrate development of both individual students and of the world at large.
  • To promote growth in spiritual life.
  • We aim at commitment to a life of service.
  • We insist on the pursuit of excellence.
  • We insist on ongoing valuable and adaptation.